Jeremy Watson - Owner/Head Trainer


Jeremy is the Head Coach at CrossFit Fulshear. Fitness has always been a way of life for him. To this day he enjoys playing sports, being on the water, outdoors and spending time with his family. Jeremy has been a career Firefighter and EMT for almost 10 years. Jeremy was introduced to the concept of CrossFit through the Fire Service and quickly discovered that there was not another program like it to prepare him be(er for a career as a Firefighter and just life in general! He has assisted in setting up programs for Firefighters to stay in the best shape possible to keep them ready for the demands of their job. Outside of the fire service, Jeremy wanted to make more of an impact on people’s health and fitness. Jeremy had the vision of opening CrossFit Fulshear in 2014. He holds his CrossFit Level 1, and CrossFit Movement and Mobility cert.

Alli Vasquez- Owner/Trainer


Alli is an ACE certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified GXI, Certified Cycle Instructor and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer from Houston Texas. She has pursued her passion in the fitness industry for 15 years. She has a unique way of motivating and inspiring individuals to set goals and truly believe ‘YOU CAN and YOU WILL’, which has been her signature mantra since 2007. She has taught a variety of group exercise formats in many different settings, grand opened 2 large fitness facilities, managed/programmed Group X for 23 clubs/400 employees and has planned hundreds of fitness events & fundraisers.

Alli’s personal mission is to EDUCATE and INSPIRE as many people as she can to reach their maximum potential in LIFE. Alli has a powerful way of reaching individuals on a deep level, far beyond fitness. She says, 

“It is not the volume, but the depth and quality in which I want to touch individuals. I believe in people, period. I want to see them grow from the inside out.”

Alli is Co-Ower of CrossFit Fulshear and has partnered to bring this vision and mission to life. Service offerings include: CrossFit, Bootcamp endurance training, Signature Rowing Format or Personal Training. She is a marathoner, last race being Boston! Also a former bikini competitor, and current CrossFit Competitor. Alli is the real thing; she leads from the front, and most importantly leads from her heart.

Lauren Black - Trainer


Lauren is a certified level 1 trainer, ACE certified GXI, and Schwinn certified cycle instructor from Katy, Texas.  She has previously worked for 24 Hour Fitness as a GXI instructor and now currently works full time coaching at Crossfit Fulshear for approximately 2 years.

Lauren's personal mission is to push people passed what they think they are capable of and tailor each workout to fit their needs so that they may reach their full potential.  She fully believes in "Quality of Quantity" when it comes to movement patterns and volume.  

"I want people to leave this place and know that they were wanted here, got quality coaching, and received a great workout.  Never done Crossfit? New to working out? Just had a baby? WHO CARES!!!! Just show up and we'll take care of the rest,"

Chris Clay - Trainer

Will Tucker - Trainer

Meggie Watson- Trainer

Jenny Jones - FitKidsTrainer

Irene Harris - Fitkids Trainer

Ryan Ramirez - Trainer

Steven Dao - Trainer

Teo Perez - Trainer

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